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These are here because they are not in and of themselves effects of any kind. These are tools for splitting/ blending/ routing/ mixing/ bypassing/ powering/ Etc.............
These units are mainly listed to serve as examples. If you need something specific that is not represented below, it can almost certainly be done, Just ask.
Signal Splitter

One signal in, two buffered signals out. This id being used to send a trigger signal down the fellows pedal chain to a PhoTron with a Trigger input mod. Generally not enough to split to two amps.

CV Inverter

One 0 to +5V CV input, one output with inverting option (+5 to 0V) plus attenuation.


Three Way Split        One high impedance input, 2 transformer Isolated outputs. Pretty straight forward. You can occasionally get away with passive splitting, and for effect chain splitting, buffers usually does the trick. If you are trying to run one signal in parallel to multiple amps, you will likely need ground isolation to avoid a ground loop.  This unit is sans frills + 12V headroom.